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June 15, 2024

Shatterline Retirement & Launch Preparation

We are thrilled to share that an exciting new stage is on the horizon for Shatterline and that we are concluding Early Access and preparing for a full launch. Over the past two


Feb. 12, 2024 Community
Patch 83.2

Feb. 9, 2024 Community
Hotfix 83.1

Feb. 6, 2024 Community
Update R83: Season Foxtrot

Welcome to SEASON FOXTROT, Shatterliners!

The new game season is 2-month long and free, to boot. There is a small change in the season tasks logic:

Feb. 5, 2024 Community
Community Update #3

Hey guys,

The war is still raging on, day 712. It is hard, no use sugarcoating it. We’ve been hoping against hope for a swift breakthrough. It is emotionally taxing

Jan. 3, 2024 Community
Technical Update R82

Happy New Year, everyone!

The present update is a technical one, therefore it doesn't contain player-facing changes except for the bug fixes.

Dec. 18, 2023 Community
Christmas Content Update

Greetings, Shatterliners!

The Christmas event has started. Light up the fireworks and get cool rewards!

The event will end on January 2.

Dec. 7, 2023 Community
Patch 81.1

Dec. 5, 2023 Community
Update R81: Revamped Ranked Matches

The ranked PvP matches are back with some improvements.

Nov. 9, 2023 Community
Patch 80.1