Update R83: Season Foxtrot

Feb. 6, 2024 Community

Welcome to SEASON FOXTROT, Shatterliners!

The new game season is 2-month long and free, to boot. There is a small change in the season tasks logic: now you need to complete several tasks from the current week to open the next week's tasks.

As always, cool rewards are waiting for you in the new season, including 12 new weapon perks:

  • The Transfusion perk for the Firespray submachine gun restores some health on reload based on the number of enemies killed with the bullets from the previous magazine.
  • The Reload Boost perks for the G9 Kungen pistol, the U44 Culverina revolver, and the the TWD X-Treme sniper rifle increase reloading speed by 10%.
  • The Cruel Repose perk for the G7 Springer pistol ensures that the players killed with precision shots cannot be revived.
  • The Prophecy perk for the Lupara Compatta secondary shotgun randomly grants you one of the three gifts upon kill: the gift of healing, the gift of ammo, or the gift of a quick reload.
  • The Giza's Gaze perk for the XM-40 Conciliator assault rifle provides you with a limited amount of freezing ammo after a kill.
  • The Stability Boost perk for the Λ-7 Ghost assault rifle improves stability by 10%.
  • The Lasting Moment perk for the Dragonfly sniper rifle returns one bullet to the clip if the whole burst has hit the target.
  • The Xenon Lights perk for the SAG-8 Reaper sniper rifle blinds the enemies around the target after a precision kill.
  • Accuracy Boost perk for the R21 Brute shotgun improves weapon accuracy by 15%.
  • The Blood Ritual perk for the R60 Gevaudan shotgun activates a self-revive after a certain number of kills, with precision kills bringing more value.


We are happy to present you a new short PvE episode: Quicksand. The Command has requested your report on everything you've seen and heard in the course of Operation Stormbringer. Every last bit matters. But first, you need to exfiltrate. Proceed to the rendezvous coordinates and wait for Commander Phillips to pick you up.


Expedition has got several big changes:

  • Bunkers, the new Expedition activity. Bunkers are linear indoor encounters that give you a pleasant change of pace in your expeditions. They are not as difficult as dungeons, but provide you with lots of fun and rewards.
  • If you lack some resources to obtain another PvE perk and have no time for another Expedition foray, you can now exchange the resources you may do away with to get the needed one. Just click on the "Exchange resources" button on the PvE perks screen.
  • From this update on, when players are down, they are not dead but are rather in a critical state. In this "down" state they can crawl to a safer place to be revived by teammates. Furthermore, as such players are not dead, they can attract mobs' attention, thus giving a respite for the teammates.
  • Two new perks orbit around this new "down" state. The Final Safeguard perk grants a 10-second barrier when the player gets downed. Every 7 kills grant you an additional 5 seconds to the barrier lifetime. With the Desperate Charge perk, a downed player hits the enemies in the vicinity with chain lightning every now and then.
  • In bunkers and dungeons, players can only be resuscitated by teammates. No more automatic respawns in these places.


  • Fixed issues on the Escort map where some of the tree leaves near the rock couldn’t be shot through. Another issue was fixed where a player could get stuck in geometry near the green off-road vehicle.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the red light of the ground mine continued blinking for a short time after the mine had been destroyed.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the scanner, however rarely, could jam after a secondary encounter had been completed.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition Tutorial where a player killed during the “Secure the Supply Drop” objective could respawn well outside of the engagement area.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the Tornado negative modifier audio effect sounded like a helicopter.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where Strafers could sometimes spawn behind the translucent wall in another sector if the fight was close to an adjacent sector.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where movable objects could pass through several walls of one of the Strafers’ outposts.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition with the trees floating above ground near the wrecked plane.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where players could get stuck in geometry in several spots at the geysers area.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition’s Chaser Hunt dungeon where a player could deal damage to the boss from a safe spot outside of the boss area.
  • Fixed issue in the Sunken Lab short episode with a missing narration during the final cinematic.
  • Fixed issue in the Twin Stilts episode where Orbit could skip the first checkpoints by dashing over the wall.
  • Fixed issue in the Twin Stilts episode where the wrong icon was used for the canister during the “Grab a Sample” objective.
  • Fixed issue in the 3v3 mode description where it read that the round limit was 6 while the match lasts until 6 victories by one of the teams.
  • Fixed issue with a twitchy animation of the reload of the Zenith assault rifle with the Dragonfury weapon skin and of the selection of Kite’s Tactical Machete.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes an opponent didn’t see Strix’s head behind the crystalline wall.
  • Fixed issue where the Flechette ammo attachment for the R60 Gevaudan shotgun and the Incendiary ammo attachment for the Black Falcon II shotgun failed to apply their modifiers against some AI enemies.
  • Fixed issue where Ram was levitating several inches above the ground in the game lobby.
  • Fixed issue where players with a controller could not play the briefing video on the mode info screen.
  • Fixed issue with overly strong snapping for all selectable melee weapons except Orbit’s Crystalline Hammer.
  • Fixed issue where switching languages in the menu failed to affect the next PvE episode timer.
  • Fixed issue with the Λ-1 Centurion submachine gun equipped with the Universal Receiver attachment where a dropped clip stayed floating in the air.
  • Fixed issue with non-working backstab with melee snapping from a close distance if the player had aimed down sights before executing the backstab.
  • Fixed issue with several weapon skins that failed to display correctly on the character customization and match-end screens.
  • Fixed issue with the Shaft CR50 attachment for the Tornado submachine gun where it modified stability whereby it shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed issue with the Christmas “Silent Night” weapon skin where it covered only part of the weapon.