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Vanquish the Alien Plague


Where you, the Immunes, get dropped into one of the Impact Zones, a hostile environment dominated by the Crystalline. Your goal is to complete random objectives, as well as defeat a boss, for which you get progressively better rewards. During your mission, you will have to collect supply drops to upgrade your gear, and fight groups of enemies blocking your way to the objectives. But while you are taking your time to run around and explore, the crystalline infection becomes worse and worse, eventually forcing you to extract from the impact zone.



April 9, 2024 Community
Update R85: Season Golf and new PTB mode

Hi there, Shatterliners!

It's time for a major update! And people, there's a lot of great stuff to savor!

Feb. 6, 2024 Community
Update R83: Season Foxtrot

Welcome to SEASON FOXTROT, Shatterliners!

The new game season is 2-month long and free, to boot. There is a small change in the season tasks logic:

Feb. 5, 2024 Community
Community Update #3

Hey guys,

The war is still raging on, day 712. It is hard, no use sugarcoating it. We’ve been hoping against hope for a swift breakthrough. It is emotionally taxing

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Shatterline is a fierce, intense free-to-play multiplayer FPS, offering roguelike co-op PvE modes as well as competitive PvP modes. Set in the near future, where humanity faces a threat of cosmic proportions. Immerse yourself in a world of explosive action; smooth, satisfying gunplay; wild customizations; and a striking landscape full of secrets, rewards, and deadly opponents.


The year is 2028. The Earth is being slowly overtaken by the Crystalline – a gigantic interstellar super-organism that devours planets and transforms living species in its own image. This enemy cannot be bargained with, or fought with conventional means. While humanity fears the cosmic plague, there are some who see it as a blessing. The Strafe Witnesses – an army of fanatics, – aim to subdue the Crystalline, and use it to uplift themselves to the next stage of evolution. Between hope and the end of the world stands Shellguard – a small company of individuals immune to the Crystalline. These lucky few are involuntary carriers a rare genetic combination that provides resistance to the alien taint. Only they can stop the Crystalline – or allow it to change our world forever.


different characters with specific abilities

All have access to an armory of 25+ upgradable and customizable weapons. Both characters and weapons gain experience and unlock new features over time.



Offering roguelike co-op PvE modes as well as competitive PvP modes
  • COOP
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You’re not fighting alone

Shatterline is a live service. In this game, the developers host the official Discord channel and play together with the community on a regular basis. You can help improve Shatterline, or even shape the direction of its evolution with your feedback. Hop on!
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