Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the %localappdata%\Shatterline\LIVE2NAL32J2WI\0 folder and delete its content. It shall fully reset your config, and upon the next launch, the game should redetect your screen resolution.

Please take note that if you set any previous settings, those will be lost. Thus a backup (copy to another folder) is recommended.

Shatterline is an Early Access game, which means it is still under development. You may encounter a bug or a crash. We are improving the game with every update, eradicating the bugs, fixing the crashes, and upping game performance.

Should you encounter a crash, a crash report window will appear. Please indicate in your report what happened before the crash, and what was on the screen before and at the time of the crash. There is no need to send us a separate in-game ticket or email about the crash as all we need is the crash report itself with additional information from you.

C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Saved Games\Shatterline\LIVE2NAL32J2WI\ user\log\Game.log

We launch a playtest server for each major update (every month) for a couple of days roughly a week before the actual live update. Please join our Discord server at for all major announcements.

How to install the PTS build:

  1. Right-click on Shatterline in your Steam library and go to Properties.
  2. Navigate to Betas.
  3. Under “Select the beta you would like to opt into” choose “ptsone - Public Test Server One.”

To play the main game, choose “None” in the Betas tab.

A situation when you purchased an item or crafted a weapon modification and it fails to appear in your inventory is rare rare, but might still happen.

Please exit the game and relaunch it.

If your purchase (or crafting) was successful, you shall see the item in your inventory. If the transaction failed, your in-game currency will be back on your game account.

Your video card is not supported by the game. The minimum requirement is GeForce 750 Ti.