Technical Update R82

Jan. 3, 2024 Community

Happy New Year, everyone!

The present update is a technical one, therefore it doesn't contain player-facing changes except for the bug fixes.

  • The Ranked Games split was extended for another month.


  • Fixed freeze, which sometimes led to a crash, at the PvE mission change by the mission rotation schedule.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition’s Horror Maze dungeon where players moved under terrain for a couple of seconds while they were being regrouped.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition with a missing sound of the environment scanner used by Pill if he wore a non-default outfit.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition’s Chaser Hunt dungeon where the shielded Strafers’ negative modifier applied to Glassheads.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition’s Deathlab dungeon where players could not ping the carts during the boss fight.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the mine trap’s laser lacked color and thus was barely visible.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where sometimes mule spawn points were blocked by terrain elements.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where players could respawn in an inactive zone if they respawned by timer.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where a Strafer sniper could shoot through the gate wall at the Strafer Base.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where Pill’s ultimate failed to damage the Queen boss in the Envoy dungeon.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the EMP could block the levitation platform leading to the Envoy dungeon.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition with missing collision physics on several rocks and boulders across the map.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition with an incorrect icon for canister pickup.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where a zip-line leading to a missing supply bin or a Maneki-Neko figurine wasn't there.
  • Fixed issue where triangle-shaped particles were present on the Lobby screens not featuring the player’s operative.
  • Fixed issue with blurry weapon stickers during a game session.
  • Fixed issues with several weapon attachments localization: for the Selenium Ammo, which now correctly reads that it “deals additional damage to Crystalline creatures’ limbs”, not to Crystalline creatures overall; for the Tantalus Red laser sight for the Dragonfly sniper rifle, which should not buff the precision damage, but rather decrease spread when hip firing; and for the Stimulant Injectors attachment, where only the first kill leads to the increase in movement and aiming speed.
  • Fixed issue in the localization of the Wreak Havoc task that failed to mention it was for Coop missions only.
  • Fixed issue in the Game Store where the preview images of Ram’s Anti Concussion Helmet and Malva’s Purple Jelly Glasses had discrepancies with the actual cosmetic items.
  • Fixed issue with an incorrect customization icon for Malva’s Armored Headgear.
  • Fixed issue with empty progression bars for maxed-out operatives on the pre-battle screen and for maxed-out weapons on the pre-battle screen and in-game.
  • Fixed issue in the Hephaestus episode where the Colossus boss could track cloaked Brisa.
  • Fixed issue where the HUD was missing on the play-of-the-game screen for the player who respawned during the play-of-the-game.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Orbit’s drone failed to self-destroy after the owner’s death.
  • Fixed issue where a party of 4+ players could get into the queue for a 3vs3 ranked match.
  • Fixed issue with the Convoy Master task that required an insanely big score to complete.
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly working weapon attachments:
  • Assault rifles: the LAS O-15 laser sight for the Λ-3 Pilum and Λ-9 Legatus; the FS-13 Hamster RDS and the FCL FM-11 fast reload magazine for the XM-27 Pacifier; the Farsight Prism RDS, the GB-13 Angled grip and the Weight Rebalance attachment for the Λ-7 Ghost; the Armalibs RDS-4 RDS, the XM-04 S suppressor, the RST Rage and the Smart Zeroing Device attachments for the XM-40 Conciliator; and the Cordite Powder for the Zenith. Side arms: the SPINE SP muzzle brake for the U22 Svarog, Butt Cover and the GBRLTR Red RDS for the Lupara Compatta, the Keylock M-Barrier grip and the Armalibs RDS-7 for the G7 Springer, the GB-101 grip and the FS Assassin extender for the U44 Culverina. Shotguns: the Gunstream X-7 RDS and the AFS-M39 Opti RDS for the R21 Brute; the GS L-200 laser sight for the Black Falcon II and the R60 Gevaudan, the AFS-M39 Opti and FS-13 Hamster RDSs as well as the Octane-12 silencer for the M2 Tactical SAS; the HOLDEX ammo holder, the Armalibs RDS-7, and the SULAKO 12M silencer for the Berlington TAC; and the SULAKO 12M silencer for the R60 Gevaudan. Sniper rifles: AM4-T MAG for the Dragonfly, the Birusa-M grip and the GVLK Scope for the SAG-8 Reaper, and the HK Goldfish scope for the Presarm VX-7. Submachine guns: the Burst Mod attachment for the Λ-1 Centurion.