Community Update #3

Feb. 5, 2024 Community

Hey guys,

Let us start with a huge thank you. We see your concerns, and we hear you on social media. Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. It’s hard to put into words how much every kind word means to us.

The war is still raging on, day 712. It is hard, no use sugarcoating it. We’ve been hoping against hope for a swift breakthrough. It is emotionally taxing and draining for everyone. But.

Ukraine is not giving up, and neither are we. We are standing at a precipice, but we are not losing hope. We are looking for marketing help to bring in more players. While we are at it, we understand our most loyal friends – you – are sticking with us. We don’t seek riches. We want to survive and finish the game. And we want to show how much your support means: the new Season Foxtrot is on us, free for everyone.

It is hard to plan our lives right now. Plan anything that comes next. But Shatterline gives us some respite.
The Plant the Bomb mode – reviewed, renewed, and updated – is coming back.

When testing it last year, we were not satisfied how the mode performed, so we took it back to bake. We did not completely understand the scope at the time; and the more sides of the mode we looked at, the bigger it grew. It was not enough to change one or two things to make the mode fun in the way our design team envisioned it.

All in all, the mode received a significant overhaul. While the fine details are still being worked on, let us give you some pointers on what to expect.

The new Plant the Bomb partially adopted the classic ruleset, while retaining the Shatterline feel and remaining true to the core. We changed resurrection rules, added meaningful changes to the mode’s maps, and tweaked respawn points. All operatives and abilities have got an extra design pass. All players are starting equally, earning resources as the session progresses. The earned haul can be spent in the session-specific shop, this being the most important addition to the game.

Internal playtesting shows that the game is becoming more tactical and competitive with these changes, resulting in a new experience we are so excited about.

We hope. We put one foot in front of the other. We persevere. We move.
Thank you, with all our hearts, for moving with us.