How it works

Watch Shatterline streams on Twitch to get Drops

To earn a Drop, log in to Twitch, make sure your profile is set to Online, and watch any Shatterline stream marked with the “Drops Enabled” tag. Once you achieve the Drop goal, look for a call-out at the top of the chat to claim. You can always claim or check your progress towards the Drop goal in your Drops inventory on Twitch as well. You must claim the Drop prior to receiving the Drop in-game. Learn more from Twitch Help topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. During the Drops campaign window, you will be able to watch and earn Drops without installing the Game. You only need to have Steam and Twitch accounts in order to link them. When you login to the Game with the Steam account that have claimed rewards, the rewards will populate to the Game.

You can unlink your current linking by signing in with either Steam or Twitch account that you use previously and then clicking the Unlink button. Then you will be able to link your accounts normally again.

Please contact our support for assistance. You can click here to submit a support ticket.