Community Update #1

May 6, 2023 Community

Hey guys!

Until now we were trying to keep you informed on what’s going on with Shatterline and FragLab in a series of posts from the development team, and we realized - that’s just not enough!
So with this Community Update #1, we are starting a fine tradition of regular updates, where we gather as much news and sneak peeks into the development process as possible!

This week – release R74. Some cool new stuff is coming with the regular monthly update this week. Expedition gets a new Sector Boss encounter: the Glasshead Nursery, where Gardener turns into an uber version of himself.
We increased the regeneration speed in PvE. The most noticeable increase is for Segment 2 of the health bar, especially when walking. New perks, weapon balance tweaks; please read the release notes to find out about all the changes.

Next up is the second phase of Expedition rework. Our first phase of Expedition rework happened. It is not the last one, and we are preparing two more big updates to complete the rework.
In the next, second, update we will be introducing a new progression loop for all our Operatives. Every playable character is getting a set of perks, gradually unlocked while playing and leveling them up. With this second big change, we want to add more depth to the Operatives and the way you play them. More options in playstyles – more fun!
Let’s have a sneak peek at the new Brisa, brought to her ultimate form, with all the character perks unlocked. These perks will be available in Expedition only, for now, and all of them are still in development, so some changes down the road are to be expected.

Brisa is turning into a dangerous enemy to every glasshead out there. On top of Brisa’s current skillset, allowing her to efficiently maneuver between long-distance and close-quarters playstyles, she is now able to inflict additional damage over time while using a sniper rifle. With the right choice of weaponry to maximize her bleed damage output, she can stack it up, rush into close range, and instantly trigger all the bleeds she applied with just one hit of the melee weapon. If cloaked while doing it, she will also instantly recharge a third of her Invisibility Cloak cooldown, making it easier to hide back in the shadows and stay alive in dangerous situations. This is only one scenario among many possibilities we are sure you will come up with while playing!
Oh, and more types of melee weapons are coming too, so we hope you will have a fun time choosing how exactly to punish everyone who dared to give Brisa a side-eye.

Want to know what to expect from other Operatives? We can share a bit. Pill will become a lucky looter and a very generous one at that. Malva is becoming an altruistic and angsty support, able to heal and deal damage with the wave of the hand. Strix… Is all about shields!

The battle pass experience is being carefully reviewed by the design team during this Season Charlie. Seasons Alpha and Bravo, in their own ways, showed us that completing a battle pass in one week is not much fun. In Season Charlie we tried increasing the experience required for a new battle pass level.
Data and your feedback are showing that some players might have a difficult time leveling up battle pass this time, and we are looking into providing more meaningful ways to earn the battle pass experience. One of the solutions we are working on right now is making tasks friendlier and easier to complete.

We are having a battle pass XP boosters giveaway this week. Head over to our Discord, and use a command /givemexp in the event channel. Redeem the code in the in-game store before the end of Season Charlie and you'll receive a 100% XP boost, which will last for 2 days.
While grabbing your booster, have a look at the Meme Contest going on this month. Submit your Shatterline meme for a chance to win a hefty sum of in-game gold!

by Discord user ᴛᴇᴇᴡʜʏ#3410

We continue to improve ourselves and are learning to work better as an independent studio, keeping you in the loop of what’s going on with and around Shatterline. Along with the community updates we are preparing the developers' live streams, where players can ask questions and play Shatterline with us. We are putting a lot of time and effort into making sure the player feedback is heard, meticulously gathering it on our social platforms, and triaging within the team.
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