Patch 72.1

March 22, 2023 Community

Hi there,

This small patch fixed several pesky bugs:

• Fixed bugs with the Season XP Booster:
• • The bug where an incorrect aggregate Season XP Booster value was shown if the player received two or more XP boosters. In this case, the system showed only the value of the latest booster, notwithstanding that all booster values were aggregated. It was a UI bug: the game always applied the correct aggregate value.
• • The bug where the player had several boosters with different expiration times and all of the boosters expired at once with the one that expired first, even if the other boosters should have lasted for some more time.
• Fixed bug where the shooting sounds of the Firespray Gator, M5 Angry Cloud, and Dragonfly Stradivari weapon modifications could be missing.