Feb. 8, 2023

Issues Caused by Easy Anti-Cheat

Sometimes Easy Anti-Cheat fails to install itself properly, which may lead to two most common issues:

  • the game won't launch at all
  • the player may be randomly kicked from game matches.

EAC installation fixes

Step 1

To fix Easy Anti-Cheat installation, in the vast majority of cases you just need to verify game files integrity in Steam:

  1. Right click on Shatterline in your Steam Library and choose "Properties...".
  2. Click on "Local Files" in the left-side menu.
  3. And click on "Verify integrity of game files...".

Step 2, in case the files integrity verification doesn't help

  1. Press on Windows Key + R on the keyboard, type services.msc, and hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  2. Among the listed services, find Easy Anti-Cheat and double click on it.
  3. If the Startup type for the service is "Disabled," change it to "Manual" and hit Apply.


  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat_EOS and delete the EasyAntiCheat_EOS.sys file.
  2. Relaunch Shatterline to generate a new EasyAntiCheat_EOS.sys file.

EAC manual installation

If earlier steps fail to do the trick, manual Easy Anti-Cheat installation should help.

  1. Navigate to the game folder on your computer (the usual path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Shatterline).
  2. Locate the installscript.vdf file there and open it with Notepad or any other text editor.
  3. Under the heading “eos_anticheat_install” you will see two lines: process 1 and command 1. Command 1 will have the text “install a_string_of_numbers_and_- letters”. You need to copy this text in the quotation marks, but without the actual quotation marks.
  4. Navigate to the EasyAntiCheat folder in the game folder you are already in.
  5. You need to launch the EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe file with the parameters you’ve just copied. Run CMD and execute the file. The command will look something like that: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Shatterline\EasyAntiCheat\ EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup install a_string_of_numbers_and_- letters.
  6. Hit Enter and the anti-cheat will be installed.

You should be able to launch the game now.