Feb. 8, 2023

Resolutions to the Most Common Errors

Error 01-00

Error 01-00 means that the connection request from your computer fails to reach the game servers.

The reasons behind this problem can be numerous.

Reason #1

Sometimes Steam goes into offline mode. Thus the game cannot connect to the servers.

Fix: Close and restart Steam. Sometimes a PC reset is needed.

Reason #2

There can be a problem with a software or hardware firewall, a router, or traffic blocking at ISP or higher Internet authority level. It is hard for us to know what exactly blocks the traffic.

Reason #3

In a small number of cases, 01-00 may also indicate the failure to establish a connection when the player uses a USB Wi-Fi/4g/5g stick or a tethered mobile phone to connect to the Internet.

Fix: Disable the Ethernet connection in Windows.

Error 01-72

Error 01-72 may indicate issues in the game packets routing. You may ask your Internet Service Provider to look into the matter.

Error 01-123

Error 01-123 may indicate a problem with security connection certificates or a possible SSL traffic interception. A router, antivirus software, or a firewall may be the ones to blame, or your traffic may be intercepted.

Error 09-04

When trying to launch the game, players from certain countries encounter Error 09-04 due to the fact that some governments block VoIP traffic at the country level. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it as the same UDP protocol used for VoIP is also used for communication between the game client and the game server. The only possible solution is to use a VPN service.

Error 09-25

Error 09-25 shows that the connection to the server was established but then dropped. In the majority of cases, this is associated with the use of USB Wi-Fi / 4g / 5g sticks or Internet connection via mobile phones.

This is a known issue, and we are working on the fix.

Fix: Disable the Ethernet connection in Windows.