Update R79: Season Echo

Oct. 10, 2023 Community

Hi there!

A new season has arrived.


As always, new challenging tasks and cool rewards await you:

  • Win poses. Yep, you've heard that right! One for each operative in the game.
  • Groovy weapon skins. And you can get some of them by simply completing weekly tasks.
  • Spiffy operatives outfits.
Eleven new weapon perks to craft:
  • The Skater Shooter perk for the M2 Tactical SAS shotgun: sliding enhances the slug rounds, greatly increasing firing range and decreasing pellet spread.
  • The Determinator perk for the Λ-7 Ghost assault rifle: every second miss reloads one bullet from the backpack.
  • The Accuracy Boost perk for the G5 Earl pistol: increases hip fire accuracy by 15%.
  • The Range Boost perk for the G5 Earl pistol: increases damage beyond the effective range by 10%.
  • The Precision Range Boost perk for the Impala sniper rifle: increased effective precision damage range by 20%.
  • The Crystallized Ammo perk for the R21 Brute shotgun: Aiming down sights crystallizes the ammo in the chamber. Enemies killed with such an ammo spawn Crystalline sprouts upon death.
  • The Factory Settings perk for the Black Falcon II shotgun: gradually reloads ammo into the magazine when you are moving.
  • The Deep Pockets perk for the Λ-9 Legatus assault rifle: the ammo from the bottom half of the magazine deals bonus damage.
  • The Reload Boost perk for the Zenith assault rifle: increases reload speed by 10%.
  • The Dragon Breath perk for the Zenith assault rifle: all bullet hits deal slight area damage, but no precision damage.
  • The Damage Boost perk for the Λ-1 Centurion submachine gun: increases damage by 10%.
New seasonal accolades with unique nameplates. 

Game shop update: over 50 offers featuring more than 200 items for Season Echo.


New Episode: Hephaestus. Doctor Sullivan has been kidnapped by the Strafers and forced to devise a Crystalline mining operation on an active volcano in the Tyrrhenian Impact Zone. Or so he claims… It's up to you to rescue the doctor and uncover the truth behind this suspicious endeavor.

New Expedition Dungeon: Chaser Hunt. Delve into the Chaser breeding ground in the Red Realm and capture a few Chasers… for the sake of science. Just remember not to get captured yourselves!


Pill's Quantum Nullifier tweaks:

  • In PvP, the device removes projectiles and traps for 3 seconds in the 10-meter radius, in comparison to a single remove before.
  • In PvE, it now also freezes enemy NPCs, and the freeze time depends on the distance to the target: the further the target, the shorter the freeze.
  • The ability cooldown increased by 50%.
  • If the ability is not used effectively, some of its charge will be restored.
Weapon tweaks:
  • The Presarm VX-7 sniper rifle: precision damage effective distance decreased by 12%.
  • The R21 Brute shotgun: damage decreased by 13% while the effective distance in PvE increased by 25%.
  • The U22 Svarog and the U44 Culverina revolvers: in PvE, base damage decreased by 15%, and precision damage decreased by 10%.
  • The Λ-1 Centurion submachine gun: a new recoil pattern for the first five bullets.
Weapon attachment tweaks: 
  • The TVG-FG Mk.1 grip for the XM-27 Pacifier assault rifle: stability increased from 7 to 10%.
  • The GS TAL-I11 laser sight for the Z-940 Drachen submachine gun: the reduced time for the sprint-to-fire transition was buffed from 15 to 25%.
  • The FS True Sight RDS for the G5 Earl pistol: the increased damage rose from 5 to 10%.
  • The Gunstream O-300 RDS for the Z-940 Drachen submachine gun: the aiming-down-sight speed and crouch movement speed both increased from 10 to 15%.
  • The Auxiliary Reload System for the R60 Gevaudan shotgun refills 6 instead of 3 rounds into the magazine upon a double kill.
Expedition tweaks:
  • The contamination increase for sector boss and decrease for supply drop encounters were removed.
  • The Red Salt in Chosen Stashes was replaced with smaller resource packs.
  • The "Collect Red Salt" goal requirement was reduced to 400.
  • Chances to receive Spores in World Activities increased as did the average Spores amount.
We removed damage to players when they kill a Minotaur or a Strafer Grenadier in their backpacks, a Seeker Mine, or a Glass Hound, while in close proximity to the target. 

Players will no longer be penalized with the stagger mechanic from explosions. Moreover, the stagger effect on players is considerably lower, if they carry a dedicated melee weapon at the moment of effect.


  • The equipped PvE perks are displayed on the Operative Selection screen.
  • Updated sprint, dash, and exosprint HUD icons. Moreover, the sprint icon now pulses when the stamina is at full.
  • The Premium Season Pass purchase option was added to a separate Game Store tab.
  • The in-game weapon customization screen got tweaked: the weapon perk was moved to the right side of the attachments while the attachment icons became smaller for more attachments to fit into the screen.


  • You can now change the Field of View in the general tab of the game options.
  • PvE perks resources can now be found as rewards for selected weekly tasks.
  • For completing PvE episodes, you will get random rewards, including PvE perks resources.
  • PvE progression is now available on the Shooting Range.
  • In PvE episodes, you may encounter a new dweller - the beaver. There is a special task to find it, and an instant award for finding it, to boot.
  • Unlimited Season progression: after completing the Season Pass, you will keep getting special boxes with challenging tasks ad infinitum. The task descriptions have some words missing, on purpose, of course, but the task names will give you a hint.


  • Crash fixes, including a fix for the crash during the Stormbringer episode.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where extraction could not be completed if a player died and respawned by timer during the extraction encounter.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where Glass Hounds and Seeker Mines, and exploding barrels, when exploding close to the player who killed them with any damage boost perk, could one-shot kill the player.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where there were no red impact warning markers on the ground for the Air or Meteor Strike contamination modifiers during the Envoy dungeon.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where gunshot sounds could be missing after the weapon was picked up from a supply bin.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the Meteor Strike could happen inside the portal during the Crystalline Treasury encounter.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where power weapons could get resupplied from ammo crates by any operative or by Pill from ammo drops as well.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where static charge negative modifier damaged a player if a drone (either Pill’s, Malva’s, or Orbit’s) was nearby.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where part of the Research Station textures were corrupted at low graphical settings.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where an arrow marker appeared on the nearest obstacle or terrain part when you pinged any point-of-interest marker after the scanner sweep.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where a player could stand on top of the Gravity Tower.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where grenades failed to explode at hitting the hot substance during the "Destroy Hot Substance" objective of the Corrupted Research Station encounter.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where a player couldn’t ping the Power Stones during the encounter.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where at the beginning of the opening cut scene it was shortly interrupted with a glimpse of the landing site and black screen.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition Tutorial where the yellow highlight particles didn’t disappear after the player reached a specific location.
  • Fixed issue with Expedition’s Strafer Vault where sometimes the canister room’s door failed to open if the player died and respawned in the canister room.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the Spitfire was missing a health bar during a secondary encounter.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where the black hole inside the Gravity Tower became invisible after players destroyed the last battery right before the Gravity Tower closing animation.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where Chosen stashes might fail to open.
  • Fixed issue with an incorrect main goal description on HUD in the Expedition Tutorial.
  • Fixed issue with a missing progress bar when interacting with the console in Expedition’s Research Station.
  • Fixed issue where the "Use Ziplines" contract failed to mention that only specific zip lines shall be used to complete it. Additionally, the number of required zipline uses decreased from 15 to 7.
  • Fixed issue in the Stormbringer episode where AIs didn’t attack the player who stayed near the ammo crate during the “Wait for the Fog to Dissipate” objective.
  • Fixed issue where the Uber Gardener missed collision physics in the Stormbringer episode.
  • Fixed issue in the Stormbringer episode where crystalline flowers on the town streets didn’t do any damage to a player.
  • Fixed issue where enemy red outlines were missing on the Chosen in the Invasion mode.
  • Fixed issue where Strix’s hair had artifacts if the Marshal Hat was equipped.
  • Fixed issue in PvP where a respawned player was receiving damage from Pill’s ultimate weapon if the said player had been killed and his body had been hit with Pill’s flamethrower projectiles right before the player hit the Space button to respawn.
  • Fixes for multiple visual issues with weapon and character cosmetic items.
  • Fixed issue where aim assist on the gamepad didn’t work on Ram wearing the Shellguard Battle Suit.
  • Fixed issue where the correct animation for Ram’s ultimate could fail to play if Ram performed a climb a moment before activating his ultimate.
  • Fixed issue where some parts of stickers on the Drachen Racer weapon skin looked blurry.
  • Fixed issue where the major part of the Hell-Cat suppressor on the G9 Kungen pistol looked pitch black.
  • Fixed issue where the Z-940 Drachen reload animation played twice in the Intro Mission if the submachine gun was equipped with the R9 PROMAG magazine attachment.
  • Fixed issue where the Samurai Training perk for the G5 Earl pistol didn’t work as intended: it failed to increase the rate of fire and randomly restored the player’s health.
  • Fixed issue where the "Bang-Bang!" task worked in PvP as well.
  • Fixed issue with broken attachments for submachine guns: the SHAFT CR50 muzzle break and Armalibs RDS-7 red dot sight for the Tornado , the CLAW FP and GB-13 Angled grip for the Λ-1 Centurion, the GS TAL-I11 laser sight for the Z-940 Drachen, the Farsight SAR red dot sight for the Firespray, and the TOR-MK red dot sight for the Cinetech M5.
  • Fixed issue where the RPM Boost perk for the XM-40 Conciliator increased the rate of fire by 7 instead of 10%.
  • Fixed issue where a ranked match didn’t end when the entire opposing team left the game.
  • Fixed issue where Brisa, Strix, and Malva had their hands twisted in cut scenes if they had a melee weapon drawn before the cinematic start.
  • Fixed issue on the March PvP map where parts of a player's body could stick through a shipping container when the player was standing close to it, and thus the players could be killed in those parts.
  • Fixed issue where already completed tasks could show as still in progress.
  • Fixed issue where a player couldn’t change the operative via the Esc menu on the Shooting Range without respawning.
  • Fixed issue with a visual artifact when drawing the U44 Culverina revolver.
  • Fixed issue where the notification about a new available PvE perk appeared in the Armory.
  • Fixed issue where the weapon customization hint was present on HUD with a melee or an ultimate weapon drawn.
  • Fixed issue where the Fatal Wounds and Explosive Expansion PvE perks didn’t affect Glasshead capsules.
  • Fixed issue where the PvE end-session screen appeared after a PvP match.
  • Fixed issue in the Promenade PvP map where Ram could reach restricted areas by using his ultimate ability and walls.
  • Fixed issue in the Team Deathmatch mode where players could reduce the score of the opposing team by dying inside a killzone and getting revived by a teammate.
  • Fixed issue where the Pump Action Boost perk for the Black Falcon II shotgun had an increased pump action speed by 12 instead of 15%.
  • Fixed issue on the Escort map where a player could get stuck between the green SUV and the fence.
  • Fixed issue where an enemy Orbit drone could mark your teammates with the red chevron marker and theses chevrons were visible to friendlies.