Patch 85.1

April 16, 2024 Community

  • The game party is disabled in the Ranked Plant-the-Bomb mode.
  • The delay between shots for the G5 Earl pistol decreased.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition with non-working Gardener's flowers.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition where Dr. Sullivan's lines played every two minutes after the player had defeated two sector bosses.
  • Fixed issue in Expedition's Glasshead Bunker where fireballs passed through the crystalline gate, failing to slam into it.
  • Fixed issue with Brisa's Tactical Cloak where the cloak failed to work if activated after the previous cloak had been interrupted because the player had performed a shot while aiming down sights.
  • Fixed issue with a missing description of one of the Season Golf rewards.
  • Fixed issues in the Shooting Range where after swapping operatives, the abilities' cooldown time reset to the normal (non-sped-up) time and melee weapons became unavailable.
  • Fixed issue where the primary weapon progression bar in the menu could extend far beyond the weapon box.