A new season is coming on March 14th: Season Charlie!

March 6, 2023 Community

We are excited to announce a new season coming to Shatterline on March 14th: Season Charlie!

It will bring a brand new PvP mode, a PvE episode as well as a long-awaited new map for the Escort mode:

  • 3v3 PvP mode. Three maps will be available right from the start: Subway, Ruins, and City Hall.
  • New PvE episode: Twin Stilts. The story keeps unfolding!
  • New Escort map: Barracuda. The PvP gets hot.
  • Two new weapons, along with new weapon modifications, tasks, and operatives' outfits.
  • Weekend events, including Demolition and Invasion, will show up for a limited time for you to enjoy!